Access hidden board

seats and C-level


Executive transition can seem stressful or

daunting. Often referred to as Reverse

Headhunters, we generate direct access

to the people who have the power to hire

or appoint you to a board. With effective

methodology, powerful tools, and personal

coaching, we can guarantee you meet your

transitional objective.

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The Issue

Most Executive job and Board seekers look to executive recruiters and job boards for open positions. The problem with this is that recruiters get 26% of all executive searches and fill half of them, and only 1% of anybody gets a job from a job board. 

Key figures

There are approximately 6,000 publicly traded companies and an additional 20,000 private equity portfolio companies, REITS, hedge funds, and mutual funds with paid independent boards with an average tenure of 8.6 years producing 10,000 open seats each year.


Our target research and in-house technology enables you to achieve your career goals quickly and efficiently. Every client is assigned to a team, rather than to an individual researcher, to capitalize on intellectual contribution and to guarantee quick turnaround time.


Our staff members have diverse backgrounds in business, industry, and academia, as well as substantial experience in executive search and research. We pride ourselves on a strong work ethic, uncompromising integrity, as well as a commitment to quality service.