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Read the testimonials of our many satisfied clients. We aim for 100% client success rates. Whether you are looking for a board position or seeking executive employment, we won’t stop until you are satisfied.


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Board Seat Search

“Having some board seat experience, I wanted to find a better arrangement. My current seat did not provide for any back-end compensation. When I met Chilmark Advisors, we discussed the specifics of what I wanted to accomplish. We did indeed find my paid board seat, they’re a top-rate service, always paying attention to detail and supporting me through every step. I will use them again in the future.”

Glenn D., Board Director

New to Executive Board Search

“Being a female, minority candidate, I was told that, especially for me, board seats are available given the right leadership, executive and industry experience. My experience is over 28 years in the healthcare industry, leading companies through turnaround and into high-profit results. Chilmark Advisors expressed to me that they could help me to secure a board seat. They almost immediately started producing interviews. I am now on the board of a company that I am a very good fit for. I would recommend Chilmark. They educated me the whole time through the process, and we were successful in our efforts.”

Karen J., Board Director

Physician Board Search

“As an executive and founding principal of a national healthcare service, I was inclined to search for a paid board seat. My qualifications, coupled with being a woman, made me a good applicant for this type of position. I spoke with Chilmark Advisors, and they helped me secure a seat at a company in my industry. I am able to contribute in both strategy and specific processes that facilitate efficiency. This is a positive experience for me, and I highly recommend Chilmark Advisors.”

Dr. Natalie B., Physician Board Director

Financials Board Search

“With an extensive educational background and experience selling a successful investment fund business, I began to search for a paid board seat. While also teaching at prominent universities, a colleague suggested Chilmark Advisors. Their process began with packaging my background and developing our target niche. We focused on my core strengths of corporate strategy and sought to build my network. We landed phone and in-person interviews, and then yes, a paid board seat at a very exciting company.

These folks are great!”

Dr. Lara E., Financial Board Director

Board Seat Search

“I have a master’s degree, and my initial positions were at financial and broadcasting firms. A board seat seemed ideal, but I was reluctant being a woman; I thought board members were almost all male. When I began talking with Chilmark Advisors, they informed me that boards are seeking women. We followed their process, generated several interviews, and I was impressed every step of the way. I would recommend this firm to anyone seeking a board seat or executive position. They were fast and precise.”

Jane R., Board Director

Executive Board Search

“With diversity and inclusion becoming a mandatory aspect of public and private companies, I was interested in pursuing a paid board seat. My background possesses significant accomplishments in strategy, finance and mergers. Chilmark Advisors emphasized my thoughts exactly about boards seeking women, but presented a method that was new to me. They would start from the top, identify what we’re looking for, rewrite my background and develop a list of companies who fit our parameters. As we began contacting these companies, interviews began, and ultimately, I landed a paid board seat in a different state where I actually wanted to live. They are a great group of people and helped me so much.”

Jessica M., Executive Board Director

Board Seat Search

“As a president of an international company, I was already in a position to secure a board seat. With my master’s degree and several years of experience at large organizations, a seat pretty much fell in my lap. Once I experienced this role, I wanted another seat and saw Chilmark Advisors in an ad. After contacting them we proceeded to work together. They provided everything: my resume, a list of companies, decision maker contacts and the methods to land interviews. They were wonderful to work with. We earned a board seat and I want to ask them to do more work for me in the future.”

Bart K., President & Board Director

Board Seat Search

“I began looking for a board seat through some referred search firms, and Chilmark Advisors was one of them. My experience was extensive as a partner and CFO, including revamping strategies for numerous public and private companies. The other search firms did not produce any activity. Chilmark Advisors began working with me and produced several interviews. The cost has been more than worthwhile! I have multiple board seats as a direct result of their work with me.”

John C., CFO & Board Director

Legal Board Search

“My primary experience is in mergers, acquisition and joint ventures. I am also a lawyer and developed interests in technology related to legal issues and systems security. Believing I was suitable for a board position, I found Chilmark Advisors. These folks agreed that I could accomplish landing a board seat and began to work very hard for me. What I realized was that this was work I wasn’t able to do. This group is talented, and I refer them to anyone needing this type of service.”

Mark G., Legal Board Director

Governance Board Search

“I was a partner in a law firm and eventually held a position in the U.S. government. When the idea of a paid board seat came about, I began to search for companies that did this type of work. Chilmark Advisors worked with me to build my resume and presented me to many decision makers, specifically in my areas of community interests. I was impressed with our results and refer them at every applicable opportunity.”

Justin G., Governance Board Director

Executive Board Search

“My experience was as a partner with a management consulting firm, handling areas of risk management and healthcare. Previous to that, I was an EVP for several years. After looking for an opportunity for a paid board seat myself, with no progress, it was suggested that I call Chilmark Advisors. The strategist and team leader did not go easy on me. They had me making many direct follow-up calls, and it gave me insight I did not have before. Their process was thorough, motivating and successful. I had many conversations with all the right people and eventually had multiple board seat offers. They’re a great group of people and provided lots of support during the whole process.”

Craig F., Executive Board Director

Financial Board Search

“I was starting from the beginning. I had over 30 years of experience in the financial aspects of corporate CFO level activity, but no resume or interviews in a very long time. Chilmark Advisors must have enjoyed my profile— strong education, executive level experience, and no clue how to proceed to secure a board seat. They explained their process, wrote my resume, and began to have me interview with decision makers. This was one of the best experiences I ever had. They were knowledgeable and productive in every part of the process.”

Mike R., Financial Board Member

Board Seat Search

“My experience includes rebuilding the financial infrastructure of a global brokerage and financial banking organization. After an entire year of pursuing contacts and every other method possible for a board seat nomination, I achieved no results. One of these efforts led to someone suggesting Chilmark Advisors. They presented their services, explaining why my efforts haven’t worked and why their’s would. They quickly produced interviews and I had two offers within two months. I plan to use their services again and improve upon what has already been a successful process. Now I can refine the type of companies I am interested in even further.”

Mark P., Corporate Board Director

Pharmaceuticals Board Search

“After many years as an executive and then professor, I wanted to see if I could land a board seat position. A friend suggested Chilmark Advisors as a firm that could help me achieve this goal. She said that they specialize in the process of all pieces needed to get interviews for consideration. We worked hard writing my resume, identifying the right companies, making the contacts and certainly acknowledged the trend toward women for these positions. I now sit as the only female director for a company that is perfect for me. I always refer Chilmark Advisors to anyone in the situation I was in; it’s been a tremendous learning experience with a very successful outcome.”

Lucia N., Pharma Board Director

Board Seat Search

“After retiring and considering various options, I began talking with colleagues about a paid board seat. One person I spoke with told me a company helped him to do exactly that— get a board seat with a company he enjoys. He told me Chilmark Advisors handled everything for him and produced the interviews that he needed to secure his opportunity. I contacted Chilmark and began working towards landing a paid board seat. They were excellent. It took about three months, and now I have a seat I enjoy. What a process they have! Not easy, but great results!”

Mary M., Board Director

Tech Board Search

“In addition to being an executive-level person, my emphasis in digital capabilities made me unique, especially in comparison to the typical age of board directors. I contacted Chilmark Advisors and they agreed; well, they actually made that point for me. They developed a strategy to target companies whose offerings are based in technology platforms. They had me on interviews quickly and ultimately found a firm who needed my exact expertise. My efforts alone would not have produced this outcome. I am happily serving in a capacity that is unique and essential for this organization.”

Bill R., Tech Board Member

Diversity Board Seat Search

“I contacted Chilmark Advisors because I wanted a paid board seat and was told that women, especially minorities such as myself, are needed to fill these roles. My background is in academia, and I have executive/president-level accomplishments. In the academic world, we needed extra focus on compliance to corporate responsibilities and transparency. I have this experience but needed Chilmark Advisors execute a plan to achieve my objectives. I now have a board seat that fits exactly what I wanted. I am grateful and happy with the work that Chilmark Advisors produced.”

Ladonna V., Compliance Board Member