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Read the testimonials of our many satisfied clients. We aim for 100% client success rates. Whether you are looking for a board position or seeking executive employment, we won’t stop until you are satisfied.


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Executive President

“I am a CEO and best-selling author with experience in building companies from start-ups to profitable and established businesses in extremely competitive markets. I found Chilmark Advisors from a friend who recommended them. They were an excellent company to work with. They were always ready and eager to answer my questions and help me to secure interviews. It was a different process than I thought. They networked me to ideal companies instead of open jobs. My position now is as a President of a great company. I went from uncertain to happy.”

Dale C., President

Sales & Marketing President

“My focus is always on driving the volume of opportunities for our company. Without sales, there is no company. Previous positions required driving business volume through innovative branding, demand generation, digital marketing and advocacy programs to increase profitable growth for leading B2B/B2C, multi-billion dollar technology companies, at the director and managing partner level. I contacted Chilmark Advisors to discreetly search for a new leadership position. They initially discussed my goals and developed a cover letter and resume for me. The activity and support that followed was extremely impressive. I had a strategist and team working with me to develop our target market, gather information and pursue the specific niche of companies we thought to be ideal. Their process worked! It wasn’t without participation on my end. I directly made follow-up calls and refined our list of companies. After 9 interviews (4 different companies) and some offers, my new job as President of a tech oriented services firm is all that I dreamed of; it’s exactly what I was seeking. I highly recommend Chilmark Advisors! It’s been a positive and productive relationship.”

Joanne C., President of Sales & Marketing

Consulting Executive

“I just ended my military service of ten years after I obtained the rank of Captain. Upon returning to civilian life with a background in developing programs for military hospitals, I needed to find employment in the Washington, D.C. area. I hired Chilmark Advisors to help me find a job as I had no idea how to proceed. They were able to capture my core expertise and present me to companies seeking someone with those abilities. I was surprised at how many interviews their process produced. I ended up accepting an offer with a national consulting firm as a manager in their healthcare practice. This is an industry type that I would never have thought of but is perfect for me. Chilmark Advisors, I am a happy customer. My husband will be using your services soon.”

Mary N., Healthcare Consulting Manager


“As a multi-billion dollar company CEO of teams in excess of 4000 people, I found myself needing to look for a new position. My network should have been plenty to find and pursue the ideal job(s). I was wrong. I needed a group to help me find new contacts with companies that had a need for my expertise. Chilmark Advisors required a fee to help me look for a job which was new to me. An old saying is, “You get what you pay for,” and in my case, I received much more. They interviewed me with a strategist and team, who re-packaged my background and put together a list of companies we would go after. The process of having me participate directly was also so welcoming. It just had to work, and it did! I’m currently the president at a company that is related to my industry experience in the energy sector. Their work is something that will stay with me for the remainder of my career. Their hands-on approach gave me an instinct now that I embrace. These folks are really good at what they do.”

Mark K., President

Division President

“I am an accomplished CEO and Board Director with over 27 years of experience in the process manufacturing industry. When I needed to find a new position, I contacted Chilmark Advisors. They began to explain the methodology, and although I wasn’t 100% confident, I paid the fee and began the process with them. They uncovered parts of my experience that I wasn’t emphasizing. We developed our list, began the contact and follow-up activity, and sure enough, I had six first interviews with different companies and ended up taking a position as President of a new division of a multi-billion dollar organization. I recommend Chilmark Advisors.”

Gregory P., Division President

Digital Strategy President

“As Chief Executive Officer and a growth driving strategist, I was looking for a unique position without the large-scale environment of dominant organizations. My previous positions were at companies whose strategies were difficult to modify. I was looking to pay experts to help me find a new challenge. I contacted three career management companies and selected Chilmark Advisors. My experience with them was productive, enlightening, and successful. It wasn’t easy at first to let go of what I thought would work and trust them, but they quickly produced interviews, good ones. I am a president at an organization where I can implement my direction and achieve results. Chilmark Advisors helped me get the most ideal position I’ve had to date.”

Michael C., President of Digital Strategy

Chief Executive Officer

“My positions included the President and CEO of a $3B+, publically traded division of a $14B construction products company in North America. I initially started with this firm in Europe and now wanted my family to stay in the U.S., although they wanted me to run a new business overseas. After looking at my options, a friend suggested Chilmark Advisors who then proceeded with a detailed explanation of their process and a plan. Regardless of my educational background and experience, I needed Chilmark’s knowledge, talent, and driving encouragement toward accomplishing our objectives. I did end-up with a position as a CEO in the manufacturing industry. This group is focused, talented, and hardworking. I recommend them.”

Phillip H., CEO

Chief Executive Officer

“In an effort to manage my career, I contacted Chilmark Advisors, something I should do once a year, just for good measures. After selling a specialty financial services firm to a money center bank, I wanted to replicate my job without making an investment. Chilmark Advisors helped me enter the private equity world and get direct access to the principals. They are a wonderful and driven group of brilliant people.”

Anthony K., CEO


“It is difficult to find a job as President. I earned my way into that position, and after tripling the company, it was sold by the owner. My next efforts were to make all the usual contacts, but after four months, I achieved no results. It was suggested I contact Chilmark Advisors before my severance ran out. Within five days, I had a new cover letter and resume; much better than before. Going forward, I debated their list of companies they chose for me and just about everything else. They remained patient and focused, assuring me that the process will work. By the 30 day mark, I had offers! I thank Chilmark Advisors for their attention to detail and tolerance of my uncertainty. They delivered, to an extreme, exactly what they promised.”

Kyle T., President


“I lost my job as President when the company was sold to a larger foreign conglomerate. After spending a month sending many resumes, I received no interviews. With kids in college and other mounting expenses, things were bleak. I worked with Chilmark Advisors, and they had me in interviews with principals/owners of private equity firms within two weeks. In less than two months I was gainfully employed. If I didn’t hire Chilmark, I am convinced I would still be looking for a position.”

Brian L., President

Overseas Division President

“I was the GM of a Fortune 500 company’s industrial division and wanted to see if there were any opportunities to be part of China’s projected growth. I asked Chilmark Advisors if they could find American companies with manufacturing operations in China. They proceeded to align me with hiring authorities in the U.S. for these types of firms. There were two searches: one to find all of the industrial companies where I could generate leverage in China, and the second to find out which ones were owned by American companies. It took only two months, and I accepted an offer as the Division President for a capital equipment manufacturer near Beijing. The strategist at Chilmark Advisors was very professional and knowledgeable.”

George C., Beijing Division President

Chief Operations Officer

“As a retired military officer and Director of Congressional & Business Affairs for the U.S. Department of State, I took time off to run for Congress and did not win. In need of a new job and having extensive experience as an interim CEO and COO for defense technology at manufacturing companies, I found Chilmark Advisors to ask for help. The strategist put together a plan to market me to medium-size and P.E.-owned defense contractors. Then, our team of four, all in sync, had me do six interviews and land a job as a COO of a $100M manufacturing organization. In 60 days, I was at my first day of work. Their quality and speed was most impressive and my standards are high!”

Eric L., COO

Chief Financial Officer

“After leaving one of the largest global funds during a management shake-up, I contacted Chilmark Advisors. They wrote my resume, used their unique process, and generated interviews and an offer, all in less than 30 days. This position was in the exact geographical location that I wanted. I would recommend them to anyone in executive transition and definitely use them again.”

Allen B., CFO

Chief Information Officer

“As the Corporate Vice President of IT for a $287B life insurance company, I was laid off due to the strategic direction of their department. I thought finding a new position wouldn’t be a problem since I lived where most of the financial services companies are headquartered. I pursued every activity I thought likely to create interviews and earned none. After getting discouraged, I contacted Chilmark Advisors from an ad. I never thought I would pay someone to find me a job, but it was the best thing I ever did.”

Paul D., CIO

Chief Technology Officer

“I want to recommend Chilmark Advisors. When I was the CTO at a Fortune 500 company, I was laid off when my division was sold to another company. For the first time in 15 years, I had to look for a job. We had a list in less than five days and target companies that we were going to chase. These folks knew all the technical aspects of the search and supported me along the entire process. I got a job in five weeks, and I am sure they’re glad to be done with me hounding them with questions.”

Bill R., CTO

Sales Vice President

“After losing my job as Vice President of Sales, I signed up for assistance with a career firm which turned out to be abysmal. I paid their fee, and they did nothing, not even returning my calls. I had to call my lawyer. He did get some of my money back and then referred me to Chilmark Advisors. They charged less and were accessible every step of the way. My feeling was that the whole team was my friend and went through the same emotional ups and downs as I did during this challenge. In eight weeks, I became the VP of Sales for a fast-growing tech company. These are highly ethical people who work hard. I always recommend them when speaking with anyone in my previous situation.”

Carrie R., VP of Sales

Sales & Marketing Senior Vice President

“I was laid off from my position as Vice President after a merger. I was given a generous severance package but had not found a position in almost a year. A recruiter arranged two phone interviews for me, but neither produced a position. Chilmark Advisors explained to me the percentages of searches and hires at my level, describing why targeted networking to the exact potential supervisor would accomplish my goal. They created a resume for me and developed a list of over 200 target companies in my industry who met my location preference and income requirements. We narrowed the list to who I wished to prioritize, and they proceeded to make several calls to update/verify the info of my would-be supervisor. I mailed my resumes to 105 direct contacts and made follow up calls to 70. The president of a Fortune 100 technology company was in the process of writing a job description for a senior executive position in sales and marketing at a division location I wanted when he received my letter and resume. The president was surprised at my opportune timing since no one was aware of the position yet. He scheduled an interview and I was made the Vice President, Sales and Marketing for this division; goal accomplished.”

Joe N., Division SVP of Sales & Marketing

Wealth Management Senior Vice President

“I want to thank Chilmark Advisors for helping me get a great job as a Senior Vice President in the location of my choice. My background was as a senior offshore bank executive just weeks before the banking catastrophe. Chilmark Advisors helped me find every potential opportunity in my area. I really appreciated their moral support, detail, and continuous help with all of my questions. I really love my job!”

Doris P., SVP of Wealth Management