What We Do

Reverse Search Program

The Reverse Search Program kicks off with a strategy meeting that assesses your goals, interests, experience, and preferences. We then review your resume and other pertinent documents in order to get the best possible sense of where you might be the best fit. Once we are confident in the right direction for you, we will create a powerful presentation to represent your skills and propel you towards your next position.


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In direct consultation with you, we create a target list of 100 companies where you might fit and assign one of our top researchers to your case. They then call every company on the list to ascertain your chances and discuss which ones seem the most appropriate, given your field of expertise and preferences. Throughout the process, you are in close contact with us and your researcher so everything is geared towards your personal success.

Within an estimated 10 days, you will be provided with a list of 100 important contacts from the target companies determined to be your best options. Although 85% of our clients meet their employment objectives with their first list, we guarantee to provide continued rounds of this service to all our clients until their employment wishes are met.

In addition to the revised resume, cover letter, and target contact list, we will provide you with detailed instructions on how to use this specialized research to network, gain additional contacts, and attract interview offers. We conduct a highly personalized search entirely configured to appear as if done by you, with hand-addressed mailings, seamless communication, and the utmost privacy.